One Deadline

You control your deadlines. Later cover, copy count & page deadlines mean you have more time to plan, make and promote your book.

Organize The Chaos

Creating a yearbook is big. But it doesn’t have to be scary. Pictavo enables you to create events, assign tasks and keep track of all the important details.

Computer, Tablet & Phone

We know you need to maximize every minute. Pictavo makes it possible across multiple devices (and nobody needs to know you’re not at your desk).

Parent Submission Portal

Yearbook purchasing. Design & submit recognition ads. Photo/image submission. Online through a dedicated portal for your project!

Late Cover Deadline

Take the time to create the perfect cover! It’s one of many ways we’re making the yearbook process better for our advisers.

Online Ordering

Our online ordering site is safe, secure and insured! With your customized website, you control the timing, pricing and information.

Check Out Pictavo, Our Yearbook Creation Software Platform

High Quality Custom Yearbooks That Won’t Break Your Budget.


Sophisticated Design Tools

Creating a yearbook is a big job, but with Pictavo, it can be less about stress and deadlines and more about collaboration, creativity and accomplishment. With this said we offer a knowledgeable technical support department and your project is also assigned a dedicated project Liaison. A person who will be available to guide your through your project from start to finish.

Timesaving Templates

Choose from hundreds of templates that you can use as-is or as a starting point. Pictavo templates are available for single pages or spreads and include placeholder text that helps you envision the final page layout. You can even create and save your own templates!

Powerful Collaboration

Communication is key when creating your school’s yearbook. Pictavo gives you and your staff the tools necessary to easily coordinate and work as a team. Features such as chat, group chat, sticky notes, and file sharing allow easy collaboration. Multiple users can work at one time and all users will see real-time changes as they work. Track image usage throughout the book and e-mail PDFs or post PDFs online.

Creative Page Layouts

Flip photos, clip art and design elements horizontally or vertically; or rotate photos, clip art and design elements in 1-degree. Want a photo black and white? Done. Want a photo sepia tone? Pictavo software that works in the most popular web browsers & mobile devices.

Advanced Design Features

Pictavo includes more than 100 of today’s most popular fonts. One text box can hold multiple type styles and sizes and you can adjust the space between letters, character widths, and the space between lines. Helpful tab stops can be created for designing attractive scoreboards. Pictavo also includes automatic portrait image flows along with hundreds of choices of professionally designed art.