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We offer two great ways to design your yearbooks:
EZBook is both fast and easy to use!
EZBook is flexible, allowing you to use photos
from your photographer and candid shots
from volunteers. Enlarge, reduce, rotate,
crop, frame your photos - EZBook does it all!
Create portrait pages, candid pages, even
montage pages using EZBook. Automatically
flow portrait pages and names onto your
Introducing: Pictavo
Exciting, intuitive new software designed to
help your yearbook staff communicate,
collaborate and create.
Students will reach new heights of creativity
with Pictavo! Easy-to-use design tools deliver
powerful, professional results without the
complicated steps found in other design
EZBook Software Video

No need to spend endless hours learning
complex programs like Quark or InDesign.
EZBook includes AUTOFLOW technology
which is not available in other programs. You
can produce a portrait page in seconds!
EZBook tools are simple, but the book you
produce looks fantastic!

EZBook is FREE!
EZBook won't cost you one penny if you
publish with your EZBook yearbook provider.
Quark sells for around $900, and InDesign
sells for around $700. You save a lot of
money just in software alone. EZBook allows
amazing pricing for yearbooks (some
EZBooks are published for half the price of a
comparable book from other publishing

Great EZBook features
In EZBook we have given you a multitude of
features and options. Below are just a few.

  • AUTOMATIC FLOWING of multiple
    portrait pages
  • IMPORT your portraits & data directly
    into ezbook™
  • CROP your candids and portraits in
    ovals, circles, stars,and more!
  • FREE ROTATION of candids, text and
    clip art
  • SHAPE DRAWING TOOL lets you draw
    shapes in many sizes & many colors
  • GROUP OPERATIONS apply changes
    to multiple items on a page
  • COPY & PASTE items from page to
  • IMPROVED page moving and deletion
  • CREATE your custom cover in ezbook

Pictavo is convenient, browser-based
software that works in the most popular web

Sophisticated Design Tools
Pictavo is convenient, browser-based
software that works in the most popular web

Timesaving Templates
Choose from hundreds of templates that you
can use as-is or as a starting point. Pictavo
templates are available for single pages or
spreads and include placeholder text that
helps you envision the final page layout. You
can even create and save your own

Advanced Page Layout
Flip photos, clip art and design elements
horizontally or vertically; or rotate photos, clip
art and design elements in 1-degree
increments. The choice is yours! Want a
photo black and white? Done. Want a photo
sepia tone? Done. Pictavo offers powerful
tools to adjust the transparency of elements,
brightness, contrast, even drop shadows are
easy to apply.

Advanced Features
Pictavo includes more than 100 of today’s
most popular fonts. One text box can hold
multiple type styles and sizes and you can
adjust the space between letters, character
widths, and the space between lines. Helpful
tab stops can be created for designing
attractive scoreboards. Pictavo also includes
automatic portrait image flows along with
hundreds of choices of professionally
designed art.

Powerful Collaboration
Communication is key when creating your
school’s yearbook. Pictavo gives you and
your staff the tools necessary to easily
coordinate and work as a team. Features
such as chat, group chat, sticky notes, and
file sharing allow easy collaboration. Multiple
users can work at one time and all users will
see real-time changes as they work. Track
image usage throughout the book and e-mail
PDFs or post PDFs online.
EZBook Software Video
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